Take The Stress Out Of Your Essay Writing Project With An Essay Planner

There is no doubt that essay writing is one of the least liked assignments in school. Students complain lack of time for these assignments as theyalready have much on their hands. But now that essays are an integral part of school life, it is better to find a way to handle these assignments.

One of the main causes of all problems that students encounter with their writing assignments is poor planning. Most learners rush to write their papers without any plan and they inevitably get stuck along the way. If you have a narrative essay assignment, you can make things easier by using a good essay planner.

This article highlights the importance of an essay planner and how to use it to improve your writing. Read on.

What is an Essay Planner?
Whether you want to write a descriptive cause and effect, compare and contrast, narrative, expository or argumentative essay, you need a concrete plan to follow. An essay planner is a roadmap or an outline that guides you throughout the writing project. You can create a planner or download a structured template for your writing project. A good writing planner will include:

  1. Timeline for your writing assignment: You will subdivide your essay into sections and allocate time for each part.
  2. Indicate the writing format
  3. Essay topic: After brainstorming for essay topics, you should add the best to your planner. You will always find it easy to refer to it when doing your research or in the writing phase.
  4. Keywords: Identify the keywords for your paper as dictated by the topic. During your research, there are those key terms you will find crucial and it is important to highlight them in your essay.
  5. Instructional words: Look at the assignment guidelines and identify the main terms used in the essay prompt. Define these terms to ensure you meet the writing requirements. Read essay examples to find out how to write according to the words used in the prompt.
  6. Research sources: Identify your research sources and note them down during your research.
  7. Essay plan: This is the crucial structure/ outline of your paper. It includes:
    • Introduction: Includes an essay hook, thesis, limits of your study, and background information
    • Body: Includes several paragraphs each with a new idea. On your English essay planner, indicate which ideas will go where on your paragraphs. Write short sentences under each paragraph as this will make your writing easier.
    • Conclusion: Wrap up your ideas in this section. On your essay planner, indicate what type of conclusion you will use. You can restate your thesis, engage your readers by calling for action, call for further research or end with a thought-provoking question.

Why Use an Essay Planner?
An essay planner offers many benefits such as:

  1. Saving your time
  2. Ensuring logical build-up of ideas in your paper
  3. Reduce study stress
  4. Providing a foundation for improved writing
  5. Ensuring every crucial point goes into the essay

How can I save myself essay writing stress? If you always ask yourself this question, it is time to start using an essay planner. Go online and download a good essay planner to save yourself the stress and improve your writing.

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