Essay Examples High School For A Stellar Assignment

It may seem a little out of the norm for high school, but students need to stay up to date with many of the latest trends and issues that surround their world. The world television news, the local newspaper, and even internet news pages can all provide some really good argumentative essay examples for high school students. But maybe they simply don’t have the time to watch or read any of these sources when they are stressed out over an upcoming assignment. We’ve come up with really good essay examples for high school for several assignment types – here’s our list:

Narrative Essay Examples High School

  • Describe what you would do if you had the ability to travel back in time or to the future within your own lifespan.
  • Describe the happiest day or experience you have known. What did you learn and why was it different from other experiences?
  • Describe the most disastrous day or experience you have known. What did you learn and why was it different from other experiences?
  • Describe why you like spending time alone and what it is that you like to do. Why do prefer doing this activity by yourself?
  • Describe a moment where you acted cowardly and either did not defend a person or an ideal. How did this make you feel at the time?

Expository Essay Examples High School

  • Explain why you believe the city you live in is the best or worse in the state. Consider using facts that others would not know.
  • Explain why you really like your current English teacher (or why you don’t like). Think of specific reasons that you can back up with evidence.
  • Explain how moving from one state to another affects young adults. Think of the ways students make friends at schools.
  • Explain how a certain type of music has affected your life. Give reasons why this type of music appeals to people of your age.
  • Explain the reasons why drug use is up among teenagers. Back up your claims with facts gathered through in-depth research.

Reflective Essay Examples for High School

  • Reflect on how your family has played a pivotal role in your life. It would be a benefit to write about a specific experience with lots of descriptive words.
  • Reflect on a time when you have attended to a place of worship (a church, a mosque, a temple, etc.) that was not a part of your family’s religion.
  • Reflect on the time that you were emotional hurt. Be as descriptive as possible to bring the reader into the experience.
  • Reflect on an experience from your grade school that you will never forget. Remember that reflective writing must be descriptive.
  • Reflect on a time when you and your friends were left unsupervised and you almost got into trouble. Give details to enhance your descriptions.

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